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Teaching Love Life

Teaching Love Life is a collection of autobiographical poetry in three chapters: Teaching, Love and Life. The poet explores a myriad of topics ranging from job dissatisfaction to divorce. Her poetry is touching as well as humorous, and readers of all ages find it easy to empathize.

Serendipity and the Dream Catcher

Serendipity Tomas is an unusual eleven-year-old-girl. She collects words, has an English teacher for a mom, and experiences horrible nightmares, featuring the class bully, Devin Sharkwell. Her uncle sends her a Native American dream catcher that becomes personified in her dreams, helping her survive a thrilling ride of surreal adventures. Later on, she is introduced to elementary dream interpretation, which allows her to unravel the mysteries behind her dreams.

Torey the Turkey Goes Skiing

Torey is a turkey too thin to grace anyone's holiday table, so he heads for the ski slopes of the Rocky Mountains. While there, he meets Bonny, a skiing bunny, and they become friends. Torey doesn't realize the importance of their friendship until Bonny takes the wrong lift going up to the most perilous slope. An important lesson about love is learned when Torey saves Bonny from her mistake.

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